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Tree and Shrub Species Descriptions
for Reforestation, Wildlife Habitat
or Ornamental Plantings
Contact your local Conservation District for more information on the species that are appropriate for your property and to purchase trees and shrubs at the Spring and Fall Tree Sales.
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  • Red Pine - easy to establish. Does well on sandy, well drained, neutral to slightly acid soils. Plant 8'x7' in full sun. Reforestation, timber.
  • White Pine - best established on well drained to somewhat poorly drained soils in partial shade. Plant 8'x7'. Reforestation, timber, wildlife.
  • Norway Spruce - plant in full sun to partial shade in moist soils. Plant 6'x10'. Reforestation, windbreak.
  • White Spruce - plant in full sun to partial shade in moist soils. Plant 6'x8'. Reforestation, Christmas tree.
  • Blue Spruce - plant in full sun on moist soil. Plant 6'x8'. Christmas tree.
  • Balsam Fir - highly shade tolerant, slow growing, plant on moist to dry sites. Used for Christmas trees due to long persistent needles.
  • Black Walnut - plant in full sun in moist, upland soils. Plant 10'x12'. Do not plant near gardens. Wildlife, timber.
  • White Birch - reddish bark on young, turns white as it grows. Plant in clumps 8'x10' on moist soil by streams in full sun. Wildlife.
  • White Cedar - plant in low, wet swampy sites. Fragrant wood. Excellent food for deer and other wildlife. Timber. Plant 6'x8'.
  • Ninebark - much branched, spreading shrub, exfoliating bark, full sun to part shade, moist to dry soils.
  • Basswood - fast growing on loamy soil in full to partial shade. Valued for landscaping purposes with fragrant flowers, and for wood carving.
  • Hazelnut - plant in full sun on moist upland soil. Grows to about 10' tall, produces large clusters of edible nuts.
  • Hybrid Poplar - plant in full sun on very moist low sites. Plant 6'x10'. Very fast growing. Wildlife, timber.
  • Sugar Maple - plant in moist, upland soils, Very shade tolerant. Wildlife, timber, syrup. Plant 10'x10'.
  • White Oak - grows best on dry, hilly upland sites. Very long lived tree. Plant 10'x10'. Wildlife, timber.
  • Red Barberry - grows 3-6', rounded, very dense shrub with dark red/purple leaves. Plant in acid soil in full sun.
  • Hackberry - prefers moist loamy sites in full sun. Large landscaping tree, with Cherry like fruit.
  • Nanking Cherry - medium shrub, cold hardy, full sun, moist to dry well drained soil., sand, clay or loam.
  • Sand Cherry - plant in full sun in sandy dry soil. Grows to 3-6' with white flowers and dark purple fruit. Great erosion control.
  • Service berry - A Juneberry is a small tree for variety of soils, white flowers with bright red fruits. Plant 6'x8'. Wildlife, human consumption.
  • Roselow Crabapple - plant on well drained to dry soils in full sun. Grows 8' w/abundant pink buds, white flowers small red apples. Wildlife.
  • Silver Buffaloberry - plant as hedge plant in full sun on any soil. Grows 4-6' w/silver leaves, thorns and dark fruit. Drought tolerant. Wildlife.
  • Silky Dogwood - plant in moist soils, full sun or partial shade. Small shrub with dark berries. Plant 6'x8'. Wildlife.
  • Northern Bayberry - plant in loamy - dry soils in partial shade to full sun. Small shrub with aromatic leaves/small fruit. Cold tolerant. Wildlife.
  • Lilac - tall upright shrub, any upland soil, full sun, flowers are fragrant and attractive to hummingbirds, orioles and insects.
  • Elderberry - grows on rich moist sites. Shade-tolerant rarely found on dry land sites. Fruits are excellent wildlife food.
  • Black Cherry - well-drained sites. Shade tolerant in youth. Fast growing moderately long-lived. Leaves & twigs poisonous to livestock.
  • American Bittersweet - high climbing, twisting vine. Grow on upland soils with plenty of sunlight.
  • Red Osier Dogwood - moist soils, sun or shade, shrub with showy blooms white with red bark, black berries. Plant 6'x8'. Wildlife.
  • Washington Hawthorn - shrub that grows best on dry disturbed sites in full sun. Plant 6'x8'. Wildlife.
  • Gray Dogwood - grows on dry to wet open sites, moderately shade tolerant. Easily transplanted.
  • Highbush Cranberry - upright tall shrub, clusters of white flowers and glossy scarlet fruit clusters. Plant 6'x8'. Wildlife.
  • Pin Oak - shade-intolerant, moderately fast growing, moderately long lived, Grows on seasonally wet then dry sites. Favorite of Wood Ducks.
  • Wild Grape - Large vigorous vine, grows in full sun to moderate shade. Will climb trees.
  • Burr Oak - largest oak leaves, plant in moist soils in full sun. Similar to White Oak. Large fuzzy edible acorns. Plant 10'x10'. Wildlife, timber.
  • Green Ash - provides dense shade grows on poorly drained soils. Hardy and fast growing moderately long lived. Shade intolerant.
  • Red Oak - plant in rich, moist loam soils, full sun to partial shade. Pointed leaves, large acorns. Plant 10'x10'. Wildlife, timber.
  • Silver Maple - rapid growth on very moist, lowland sites. Plant 10'x10' Wildlife, shade, syrup. Leaves do not turn red or orange in Fall.
  • Swamp White Oak - very moist to wet soils, 75-100', low dense branches, acorns for wildlife, partial sun to full sun, fast growing.
  • White Ash - large tree, plant on well-drained sites. Moderately fast growing, moderately shade tolerant & moderately long lived.
  • American Chestnut - 50-75' tall, short trunk with large limbs, plant in pairs, prefers moist acidic soil in full sun, bears nuts Aug-Nov 10'x10'.
  • Butternut - stout trunk with many wide branches, full sun on a moist site, bears nuts late Aug-Oct, plant in pairs 10'x10'.
  • Shagbark Hickory - Shade tolerant when young. Slow growing long lived, drought tolerant, plant on dry well drained sites.
  • Black Locust - grows well on acid, well drained soils in full sun. Fast growing with white-yellowish flower clusters. Plant 10'x10'. Wildlife.
  • English Oak - large spreading tree that is relatively fast-growing. Plant on well drained sandy loam or clay loam soil.
  • Green Ash - Provides dense shade grows on poorly drained soils. Hardy and fast growing moderately long lived. Shade intolerant.
  • Choke Cherry - large shrub/small tree, twisted shape, wide variety of soils, partial shade - sun, white flowers, red berries , May-Aug.
  • Catalpa - plant in full sun on loamy soil. Grows 40-60' with beautiful white flowers with yellow center. Large leaves/long stick-like seed pods.
  • Golden Rain Tree - Beautiful showy tree with bright yellow flowers. Grows 25-35' in full sun on loamy to dry site. Light green capsule fruit.
  • Forsythia - plant in full sun on loamy soil. Beautiful shrub reaches 6-8' with bright yellow flowers that are first to bloom in spring.
  • Butterfly Bush - fiery orange flower clusters on small shrub blooms June-August in full sun on moist to dry soils.
  • Weigela - globe shaped shrub, attractive variegated foliage and abundant pink blooms in full sun on well drained soils.
  • Trumpet Vine - woody vine with trumpet shaped flowers moist soils. Plant in sheltered location, Humming bird nectar plant.
  • Rose of Sharon - beautiful abundantly flowering shrub, grows up to 10', great privacy planting, nice in groups, full sun.
  • Hybrid Willow - White willow, grows upright to heights of 40'+ Fast growing on moist sites, river banks in full to partial sun.

This list and species description provided courtesy of the Iosco Conservation District, 190 M-55, Tawas City, MI 48763 (989) 362-2591