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Landowners, professionals and other interested people working to promote education and wise management and use of our forests

Mission Statement Of The Michigan Forest Association
  • To promote good management on all forest land,
  • To educate our members about good forest practices and stewardship of the land,
  • To inform the general public about forestry issues and the benefits of good forest management.
Membership Benefits
  • Quarterly Michigan Forests Magazine
  • Monthly Leaves newsletter
  • Opportunity to participate in Association activities and projects
  • Opportunity to influence forest policies and programs in Michigan
  • Contacts with other people with similar interests
  • Access to forestry information and services
MFA Activities
MFA Publishes
MFA Promotes
  • The wise use and stewardship of our forest resources 
  • Quality technical assistance to forest owners 
  • Equitable taxation for forest lands 
  • The Michigan Forest Stewardship Program 
  • Michigan Sustainable Forestry Initiative
MFA Sponsors Or Co-Sponsors
MFA Believes
  • Forests can be managed to supply consumer products, such as lumber, veneer, paper products, furniture, edible foods and much more...
  • At the same time, forests can provide non-consumptive benefits, such as wildlife habitat, clean air, quality water, soil protection, recreation and aesthetic values...
  • That information and incentives are more efficient and effective than regulations in promoting good forest practices.
Michigan Forest Association also helps sponsor the Michigan Forest Foundation, a non-profit corporation founded in 1988 to receive tax deductible donations to further forest management education and wise use of all our natural resources. Michigan Forest Foundation publishes Green Gold: Michigan Forest History magazine and a video of the same title, cooperates with Michigan Forest Resource Alliance on classroom education and mails educational materials periodically to over 200 classrooms.

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