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The Wanigan- Calendar
The Michigan Forest Association’s forest education trailer, dubbed The Wanigan, is available for use at various meetings, schools, or other outings. It is equipped with educational panels, wood specimens, a touch-screen computer, and handouts. To schedule the trailer may require providing a 3/4-ton pickup or equivalent vehicle to tow it. The driver must be approved and the tow vehicle must have the required insurance. To get your name on the Wanigan calendar, call Bill Botti at (517) 663-3423. See current schedule below:

Date/2013 Activity/Location
February 21-24 Time: All Day
Subject: Outdoorama
Location: Novi, MI
April 2 Time: 9:30-11:00 am
Subject: NAILS
Location: Beth
April 12-21 Time: All Day
Subject: Science Festival
Location: MSU
April 27 Time: All Day
Subject: Arbor Day Event
Location: Bay City State Park
May 8-10 Time: All Day
Location: MSU
July 16-19 Time: All Day
Subject: AG Expo
Location: Michigan State University
September 20-22 Time: 9:00am- 5:00pm
Subject: Outdoor Weekend- West
Location: Kalamazoo
October 12 and October 19 Time: 9:00am- 6:00pm
Subject: Crane Festival
Location: Bellevue

If you have the time and an appropriate tow vehicle and would be willing to make an occasional trip with the trailer, please let Bill Botti know at the MFA office. Mileage allowances are available to reimburse members who are willing to provide towing assistance.

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