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Paul Dake Memorial

Paul E. Dake was born in Newberry, Michigan in 1930. He married Ruth Carpenter who owned land in Luce County. They raised ten children in the area. They tried their hand at farming but the land did not support their efforts, so in 1955 the first tree planting began to cover the open farmland.

In 1985, Paul and Ruth were named Michigan's Tree Farmers of the Year. Paul became very active in the Michigan Forest Association and the Michigan Forest Foundation. The focus of their forest management program was to leave the environment in a better state than that in which they found it. To get this message out, it was their belief that it was necessary to teach children the importance of taking care of their world at a very early age.

Upon Paul's death in 1990, Ruth continued their endeavor by making a contribution for the printing of the first edition of a coloring book for the education of grade school children. The Dake Memorial was established, in Paul's memory to continue the journey to educate children regarding the environment and the responsibilities of all people as stewards of the land. Much work is to be done to get the word out to children and adults regarding this extremely important subject. Contributions, large or small are always welcome and truly appreciated so that the task of education with respect to the environment may continue for the welfare of us all.

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