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Annual Meeting- 2011
August 19 & 20, 2011
Fort Custer, Augusta, MI
Annual Meeting 2011
Annual Meeting 2011

1. Jennifer Baldy, of the Kalamazoo Nature Center, explains the survey procedures for estimating cerulean warbler populations.
2. Africa exhibit has about 10 acres of grassland. (This photo was taken before the zoo opened in the spring photos were not possible during our August visit.)
3. John Deere skid-steer equipped with Hedge Hog easily pulls autumn olive.
4. Delton Stuart, of Fillmore Equipment, discusses the fine points of the Hedge Hog and the John Deere skid-steer tractor.
5. MFA president Collin Burnett presides at the annual business meeting.
6. John Mitchell, Environmental Manager at Fort Custer, welcomes MFA and explains the history of the facility.
7. Robert Whitesides, of the Kalamazoo River Watershed Council, describes the cleanup of the recent oil spill in the Kalamazoo River.
8. Michele Richards describes techniques and challenges related to maintaining oak savannahs.
9. A monarch caterpillar works on a milkweed leaf at Fort Custer.
10. This butterfly is making good use of purple loosestrife
11. A model warbler and nest are used along with the recorded call to survey the warbler population.
12. Jim Langerveld discusses wetlands management with the MFA group.
13. A silo in the woods testifies to the agricultural history of Fort Custer’s woodlands.
14. These Watusi Cattle make their home at Binder Park Zoo.
15. Consulting forester Mark Janke explains forest management activities.
16. This ostrich is another of the animals on exhibit at Binder Park Zoo.
17. Karen Serfass agrees to deliver the chain saw to prize-winner Bill Fox.